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We understand that insurance policyholders often face an uphill battle when they suffer an injury, illness or loss. Although policyholders have paid their insurance premiums for a considerable period of time, insurance companies frequently deny their valid claims.

We understand that policyholders are often in a difficult position. It seems like the insurance companies have all the power. We see it as our job to help restore the balance of power and do everything we can to vigorously pursue the insurance benefits our clients are entitled to receive.

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June 11, 2015 |

The Right and Duty to Settle Third Party Liability Claims: A 50 State Survey

          SUMMARY: This article is a state-by-state survey of a key issue facing lawyers who specialize in advising insurance companies and plaintiffs. The issues center on the nature and extent of an insurer’s duty to participate in settlement negotiations with injured third parties. To access the article please click on the link below: The Right and Duty to Settle Rev’d 3-23-15   ______________________________________________ Edited and Updated as of March 23, 2015 by: Scott G. Ball sball@coveragelawdallas.com Dedman Law, PLLC   (214) 361-8885   Dallas, Texas Additional editing and analysis provided by: Pamela Dunlop Gates Colliau, Carluccio, Keener, Morrow, Peterson & Parsons, Dallas, Texas Microsoft Word – The Right and Duty to Settle...

July 28, 2014 |

Insurance Bad Faith Damages

Unpaid insurance policy proceeds are recoverable as breach of contract damages but, despite a 1988 Texas Supreme Court opinion holding that policy proceeds may also serve as bad faith damages, the availability of policy proceeds as bad faith damages remains a hotly disputed issue. This issue influences insurance claim handling and litigation. Specifically, if policy proceeds constitute bad faith damages they may be trebled on a finding of knowing insurance code or DTPA violations. Tex. Ins. Code § 541.152(b)(West 2014); Tex. Bus. & Com. Code § 17.50(b)(West 2014). Further, the inclusion of policy proceeds as economic damages would impact the statutory cap applied to an award of exemplary damages. Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem....

September 15, 2013 |

A Proactive Approach

Our commercial insurance coverage lawyer, Linda Dedman, takes a proactive approach to helping clients who may be filing claims. Employee embezzlement Large property losses involving catastrophes Bad faith disputes Coverage dealing with complex commercial properties Late notice Duty to defend Thoroughly Reviewing Claims and Policies We believe that reviewing claims before they are filed provides our clients with a better chance of recovery. By being proactive, we can better assist our clients with proof of loss requirements and other necessary documentation that is needed to fulfill the insurance company’s requirements. If a claim is denied, we will study the determination and compare. We can also help you hold an agent accountable if we find...

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