Coverage Consulting



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Coverage Consulting

Dedman Law, PLLC is a resource for prominent Texas plaintiff lawyers who need an expert opinion regarding complex coverage

issues and analysis. Attorneys rely on Dedman Law, PLLC to provide guidance regarding whether a lawsuit will trigger insurance coverage. An attorney without expertise in insurance coverage should seek a second opinion in the early stages of litigation to avoid forfeiting coverage that is available for the damages they are pursuing. Dedman Law, PLLC consults in multiple way. Often behind the scenes by providing coverage analysis and briefing and also by appearing as co-counsel in the case and collaborating on complex coverage issues. Ultimately whatever may serve the client’s best interest.

Insurance Denials

Unfortunately, insurance companies have a financial incentive to deny claims, and they often deny perfectly valid claims. The insurance companies know that most policyholders will feel too overwhelmed to fight a denied disability claim. In many cases, people do not even know where to turn for help.

Dedman Law, PLLC is committed to making a positive difference for clients who have been denied covered insurance claims. Dedman Law, PLLC has achieved outstanding results for clients who were initially denied coverage by their carrier. Dedman Law, PLLC works with clients to prove up coverage and to persuade insurance carriers to reconsider their interpretation of the policy language, frequently resulting in reversal of the initial denial.

Insurance Recovery

At Dedman Law, PLLC, we take a proactive approach to helping clients with their insurance claims. In addition to handling insurance denial claims, Dedman Law, PLLC assists clients throughout the entire claim process. From making a claim, reviewing the policy language, writing demand letters, filing pleadings, attending mediation, and trial. Dedman Law, PLLC is experienced with a variety of claims including third-party liability, employee embezzlement, death or severe injuries, professional losses, ERISA, mechanical breakdowns and many other losses. Dedman Law, PLLC knows how to effectively demonstrate proof of loss and effectively gather other necessary documentation that is critical to the success of insurance claims.